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By Amelia Lark

Forbidden Score

Getting pregnant by a hockey player at eighteen was never part of the plan. Neither was working for my dad’s new hockey team when I returned from boarding school.

I’m Jenny, just a California girl with a famous YouTube channel and a degree in marketing.

Roman and I shared a passionate summer fling, and then he got traded. We we going to try the long-distance thing.

But when that incriminating photo of him and that blond went viral, I swore never to tell him about our son. And I am about to find out it was a setup.

Now, four years later, I’m a proud mom to Evan, and Roman is back in town, acting like a typical womanizing hockey star, so my boss assigns me the task of salvaging his reputation.

I must keep my hands to myself and the truth about his son hidden away.

Can we pick up where we left off, or will our past secrets, regrets, and endless bickering continue to keep us apart?

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Amelia Lark

A passionate writer from sunny Florida. I craft steamy contemporary romance novels that ignite emotions and keep readers hooked. With my loving husband and two adorable dogs by my side, I find inspiration in the coastal charm of our cozy town. Drawing from the vibrant energy of Florida, my stories explore the depths of love, relationships, and the power of attraction. Get ready for sizzling chemistry, thrilling twists, and heart-pounding romance. Escape into a world of sensuality and let my captivating narratives leave you breathless. Join me on this exhilarating journey!

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Scoring with Desire

Hockey Romance

I wanted to score with her so badly, my best friend’s younger sister—always off-limits.

Until that magical prom night on the beach. Her touch and those sweet lips, the passion like I never felt before, and I couldn’t wait to tell the world she was mine.

But my father would never allow me to ruin my hockey career for a girl.

With that one move, I earned Mara’s lifelong hatred.

I’m back in town after seven years, begging for her help. She is hotter than ever, and my desire is stronger than ever.

My father’s blackmail is still hanging over my head.

If Mara finds out what I’ve been hiding all these years, the whole damn thing will blow up in my face, and I’ll lose her forever.

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FORBIDDEN SCORE is absolutely fantastic and will definitely have you engrossed from the beginning until the end and still have you wanting more. Roman and Jenny shared a summer together before he was traded ,but when things happen and hearts and feelings get destroyed a secret come out after Jenny starts working her fathers hockey team ,but there’s more to this than meets the eye. This book was absolutely compelling and captivating and heartbreaking and filled with twist and turns that will leave you with dismay. I throughly enjoyed this book and can’t wait more from this author.


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